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My name is Florence Nathan. I am a mother,
a teacher, a student and a writer.
If you want to know me better, and quicker, then start here: My Biography

The purpose of this site is to introduce myself as a human being first of all, with all that it implies (my life, my history, my passions), and to advertise myself as a professional educator.

Once upon a time...

There was a little girl whose parents did not really decide to have. However, for the lack of an option, she was born to this young couple who already had an older version of her.
My sister is only 18 months older than me, so, from the word go, I was her child, her pet, her thing. I have to admit that having her as a guardian 24/7 has been a heavy load on my shoulders, and now that we two are in our 40's, I get the creeps when she calls me "my little sister" and people --expecting to see a child, at least a teenager-- look at me and wonder.
I love her with all my heart and I would not change her for another sister.. maybe a brother... Anyway, she is my stonewall, she is my walking stick and definitely, still my confident.
Teenagers, we would sit for hours in the evening and talk about the most important subject in life: boys. She always had the best tricks of the trade to share with me.

...always here for me
My big sister

Sssh, I'm writing...

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No wonder, she had loads of girlfriends. She was studying to become a secretary in an all-girls school and I was in a boarding school, in an agricultural college with only 20 girls for hundreds of boys. The only insight I could get on boys was hers.

Now, we are all grown up, she has her two teenage kids, a dog, a wonderful husband, she owns her house, and they run their own business. I am still a vagabond, I have a darling toddler, I live in rented apartments I don't even choose.

But, whenever we can, we still sit together, we open a bottle of wine that my Dad always saves for us, and everybody knows: "The sisters are talking" so they tip-toe and walk away.

More about my life, read on...

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On this site, my professional portfolio, my writings, some parenting tips, and much more...