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Welcome to The Golden Archer

Professional Development

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I believe my position should walk hand in hand with professional development.
How could I ever call myself an educator
if I was not educating myself at the same time?


To search ways to improve my understanding of very small children.
To read the new researches on babies and infants.
To improve my personal parenting skills.
To search ways to improve my understanding of parents and children interactions.
To gain knowledge in Non-Violent Communication (NVC).
To understand and teach "unconditional love" in parenting a child.

Trainings I am undergoing

Diploma in Child Psychology.
This is a correspondence course paid by my employer as part of my development scheme.

Day Care Management
This is a program I pay monthly. It is a correspondence course and it gives me the frame of qualifications for working in a Day Care Center.

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On this site, my professional portfolio, my writings, some parenting tips, and much more...