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The Golden Archer

A Teacher's Life
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Where there is no love, put some love, and you will collect some love.

I always wanted to be a teacher. When I was 5, I loved my teacher's job so much that I repeated to everyone "I want to become a primary school teacher".

My path took me to different roads for a long time. I studied languages and thought I could become a translator in the UN organization. My teacher then told me on many occasions that I would be bored working in an office, translating official documents. But I did not believe him, I thought that it did not matter, even if I was to become an unsignificant translator in a dusty office, I would anyway put my stone in the construcion of a better world.

I started to work in school when I was 19, to support my studies. I got to choose between a job as an educational assistant and a scholarship. I chose the job.

It was not long before I realized I was in my element. However, I was working in middle school, and I had a very little role to play in people's life. But I was too scared to work with younger ones, and when I was given my first opportunity to teach, I always refused primary school, thinking it was too much responsibilty for me.

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