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The Golden Archer

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Present position

Teacher - Team Leader
Acorns Day Care Centre - British International School - Prague

I work in a 5 people team and we teach children age 20 months to 3 years. My aim is to prepare them for Nursery and help them enjoy school.
I write the curriculum for my class and try to research the lastest development in teaching methods for toddlers.
I plan the activities and distribute preparation to my assistants. I assess children and propose individual plans, if possible or necessary. I organize parents' conferences.
The most important part of my day is communicating with parents and caregivers. I try to find many possible ways of giving information to parents about their child's day:
- activities: we write weekly reports
- toilets / toilet training: we have a log book and follow home routines parents have shared with us.
- nap: log book + a personal chart in each child cubby.
- accidents: accident report, even for minor injuries.
- my personal logbook: where I write any concern to share with parents at the end of the day.
- parents information evening: where I explain aims and outcomes for my class.
- newsletters and monthly gazette: overview of the month activities and their link with our program, community events, article written by a different parent each month...

I also organise Parents Worshop with my supervisor (who is a psychologist), and we work with parents on parenting skills, positive discipline, toddlers' development etc...

I am also coordinator for the ICT program and in charge of the computer lab.

Experience in same age group

Summer 2002 Lead Teacher
Montessori International Preschool - Prague

I organised the Summer Camp program for the 3-6 class.

2001-2002 Class Teacher
British International School - Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

I taught the Nursery class with children aged 2 1/2 to 4 years old. I also taught the French program to the middle school students, but had to work for both appointments without any resources.

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Professional Experience

1999 - 2001 Grade 1/2 Teacher
Concordia International School Shanghai, China

I worked in a team with two other teachers. Our classroom was an open style multiage environment. I taught elementary school students academic and social skills in a private school: I prepared the course objectives and outline for the course of study following curriculum guidelines or requirements of the US curriculum and the school's philosophy. I demonstrated and used computerized teaching aids to present subject matter to my class. I prepared, administered, and corrected tests, and recorded results. I assigned lessons, corrected papers, and heard oral presentations. I taught rules of conduct. I maintained order in the classroom and on the playground. I counseled my students when adjustment and academic problems arose. I discussedmy students' academic and behavioral attitudes and achievements with parents during student-led conferences or parents conferences. I kept attendance and grade records as required by the administration of the school. I also coordinated class field trips. I taught a combined first and second grade class. I specialized in teaching computers and favored research based learning. I do not have a US state certification.

1999 - 1999 Teacher
Anshan Yishu Kindergarten Anshan, Liaoning, China

I taught for 6 months as a volunteer in a bilingual kindergarten in the North East of China. I set up a Montessori style classroom for children aged 2 to 7 years old.

I wrote the bilingual section curriculum and prepared the teaching material as well as the manipulative used by the children. I organized the weekly planning and trained a Chinese teacher to assist me.

Additionally, I was also teaching ESL to 120 middle school students (evening classes).

1997 - 1999 Lead teacher, Lower Elementary
Pattaya Montessori Children Center Pattaya, Thailand

I taught all subjects and organized the weekly planning, wrote up the lesson plans for me and my assistant. I also put a lot of efforts in communicating with the parents and setting up "community afternoons" to help them understand how their children functioned in the classroom. I kept grade records and discussed students' academic growth and social behavior with parents during parents conferences held every quarter. I organized field trips and I set up and lead the Summer program for my class.

In the Summer of 2000, I went back to MCCI to organize and teach the Summer program, work with the school's administrator on the redaction of the class curriculum for the following school year, to complete the making of the school's brochures, set up a marketing approach to increase the school's attendance, and organize the school's planning (faculty meetings, assemblies and staff training).

1996 - 1997 Translator
Ludexpress Bordeaux, France

I translated web sites and instruction manuals from French to English and Chinese.

1995 - 1997 Translator, Interpreter
Dassault Aviation Biarritz, France

Technical liaison between foreign trainees and French instructors, Military Cooperation. This position was at the beginning very challenging for me, since I never approached a military plane before my appointment with Dassault. I was
given 2 days of theoretical training at the aeronautical center in Merignac and I was then sent to the "Non-destructive testing" department in Biarritz to be
affected to the training for the maintenance of the Mirage 2000, which course I was to translate. I later was appointed to the department of composite material repairs.

1995 - 1997 Interpreter
Open Gaz de France d'Aquitaine Talence, France

Contract appointment: link between organizers, sponsors, journalists and foreign tennis players during the Bordeaux yearly tournament.

1994 - 1996 Middle and High School Teacher
Cours Prives Intermath Bordeaux, France

I taught French and French literature, as well as ESL in a private school.

1995 - 1996 Teacher
College Dupaty Blanquefort, France

I taught ESL to Middle School Special Ed. students.

1989 - 1990 Teacher
Bordeaux International School Bordeaux, France

Teacher of French and French as a Foreign Language to primary school students.

1989 - 1990 Teacher
College Dupaty Blanquefort, France

I taught French as a Foreign Language to middle school students (all of them being Asian refugees). I taught the classes, discussed with the town sponsors for the integration program, took care of the students' orientation at the end of the school year, discussed their academic development with parents or relatives, I created an association to help reunite the scattered families. I also trained other teachers to replace me before my departure for Taiwan.

1984 - 1989 Educational Assistant
Bordeaux and Paris Boards of Education Bordeaux, Paris, France

Assistance of students in school work, surveillance. This kind of job is offered by the French government as a replacement of a scholarship to selected students who would like to work in education.


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