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The Golden Archer


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Bette Krenzke

I worked with Bette in Concordia International School in Shanghai, in 1999-2000.
We taught a combined Kindergarten/Grade 1/Grade 2.

Lou Weber

Lou is the principal of the lower school of Concordia International School in Shanghai.

Selena Irving

Selena taught Reception when I taught Nursery in Dnipropetrovsk, in 2001-2002.

Nissakorn Phimtong

Miss "Tuk" is the administrator of Pattaya Montessori Children Centre, where I worked in 1997-1998 and 1998-1999. She was, then, my assistant.

Unobtainable references

I worked in Anshan, N-E China for 6 months in 1999, but cannot use this valuable work of mine as a reference. I set up two classrooms, organized the curriculum and daily plan. Made Montesssori material from nothing, and trained an assistant.
During all this time, I was also teaching the kindergarten class, and ESL students in a nearby middle school.
Unfortunately, the living conditions were so poor that when I announced I was leaving, the other foreign teacher decided to leave too.
The school director and her associates and friends tried to prevent her from leaving, asked her for a huge compensation and tried to take her passport away.
In the course of events, they also prevented me from leaving and locked us all in the school. We managed to "escape" and contacted the main police station, then the French embassy.
You can contact Tamara, who could explain the situation.

I worked in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine for one school year.
The school runs under the name of Nord Anglia, but is actually just using Nord Anglia services to pay foreign teachers and make a good name for themselves. This way, it avoids paying taxes to the local government.
The school is actually owned by a Ukrainian lady, who also owns the sister school in Kiev.
Both school are very badly resourced and a shame to any educational establishment.
Near the end of the school year, the principal came up with a sad scheme to deprive me of contractual advantages and informed me that the immigration office had refused to extend my visa and I had 3 days to leave the country.
Until today, I still do not know these people's motive for acting as they did, the only thing I can bring forward is racism.
They then wrote to the immigration office and told them I had broken the law and I was not to receive any visa.
The immigration officer showed me the letter and issued me a visa. I then fought really hard with the owner of the school, and with Nord Anglia. They all tried to play it down, saying I was a great teacher and they were sorry. they paid me half of what was due.
I reported them to the police, which was an awful struggle, they tried to scare my lawyer and, thanks to the support of the French Embassy, my lawyer did not quit. But I got nowhere. When the police went to the school, all they could see was a local school without foreign teachers or staff, because they went one month after I reported and it was summer holidays. I have never been able to obtain the police report file. Could never file a court case against them or Nord Anglia.


You might be wondering if I ever could adapt to the living conditions in your country or if I would be indepedent enough to work for you.
Please feel free to ask me any question you may have.

I have lived in different countries

France, my motherland
Czech Republic

I have travelled in other parts of the world

Germany, Spain, UK, Belgium, Italy, ex-USSR, Hong Kong, Poland.

On the personal side

I enjoy knitting, and used to run a knitting club in Bordeaux. Since Léo was born however, I don't seem to have been able to find the time!!

I like sports and practice kalanetika, and aerobics. there is a sport club near by my place and I go there three times a week to try and keep fit.

I write stories and some of them can be read on this website. Two of my short stories have been published in a magazine (which is not much but does alot fo rmy ego as a "writer"). One of my stories won a literature prize (3rd prize) in the "24 heures du livre".